About us


If you are here, you have already made your first step to a healthier diet, so a happier life for you and your family and your planet.

Our mission is to put a bit to a healthier diet to this world, helping you in the kitchen: to plan a monthly, learning how to cook, to eat healthy, to buy seasonable food, to stick to a grocery shopping budget and how to save money and time without wasting food.

My name is Lucia Casas and I am a cook with experience in preparing family meals. I help families in their kitchen to have a healthy and balanced diet. I come from a big Spanish family with five brothers and one sister. My grandparents were agricultures. I love to go to collect figs and grapes every September at my village.

I have lived with my family in London for six years before move to Madrid. I prepare traditional English, Spanish, Italian and American meals among others. I took several cooking courses such as “Italian food from the scratch” at the Wandsworth College or with Jamie Oliver in London, I am also certified as a Nutritional Coach in Madrid.

Previously to that, I have worked as a strategy planner in different advertising companies in both British and European markets.
When I am not cooking, I look after my now nine years old daughter and I used to volunteer at the NCT Wimbledon & District, helping families with new borns to meet up in Wimbledon area.

Our vision is to contribute to improve people´s life through food, helping you to eat healthy and sustainable.

We started six years ago to cook for you but we discovered that is more sustainable for your life and for the future generations if your learn how to cook on your own. Although, if you don´t have the time, we will cook for you o we will help you with your monthly menu plan.

Because, we believe that food, since how it is produced to how it is cooked, it is a fundamental part of your health and your family happiness.  So, a better and more beautiful world for the next generation.

We would like to create a conscious community about what we eat and how we cook it. About family life, about the learning and joy of eating homemade food cooked by you. Being aware about what you eat and from where you get it.